IFS Training: Richard Schwartz‘s Internal Family Systems Institute provides training in IFS to practitioners through intensive programs called Level One, Level Two and Level Three. At any point a year or after taking a Level One training a practitioner can apply to become a Certified IFS Therapist with IFS-I by completing further learning, supervision and by having had their work reviewed and accepted by an approved IFS-I certifier. Derek Scott also provides training in IFS and anyone that has completed his Skills and Competencies Course is considered IFS Informed.

IFIO Training: Intimacy from The Inside Out (IFIO) is a form of couples therapy with its roots in IFS. Toni Herbine-Blank and the IFS-I provide a special Level Two (IFIO) that teaches this couples protocol. In addition Toni provides Advanced IFIO trainings.

Dione Rousseau, RPC-C
IFS Training
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Having a child is the biggest, most challenging, emotionally, physically and spiritually impactful event we will face in our lives. The bigness and unexpected feelings and hurdles that come with the perinatal period are inevitable. There is no amount information that we can attain that can truly prepare us for what we will experience in this journey. Without sensitive and compassionate support from people who understand, we can be left in a continuous cycle of difficult feelings and experiences.

As a Registered Counsellor and a mother myself, I have an acute awareness of the amount of sensitivity that's needed to hold space for individuals in the perinatal period, whom I hold immense respect and compassion for. I have been practicing since 2019 serving people dealing with a wide range of life challenges. I'm a Level 1 trained IFS practitioner, as well as, trained in Perinatal Mental Health with Postpartum Support International and this is where my passion lies.

I know that a large part of a healing experience and feeling safe entails resonating and connecting with the counsellor - this is why I offer a free 20 minute consultation.

Truly effective and compassionate help is here. I would love to meet you.

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